Sunday, July 26, 2009






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Friday, June 06, 2008

latest update

It's been a while since I've updated my doubler progress and my attempts at making money online. So here's the latest news.

I am at step 16, $180.00 to $360.00 .

Profits Network closed down, made my initial investment back, so I only lost profits.

MoneySurf changed their terms wanting 65% of payout invested before payout. According to my math it means putting in more than I would make in profit to get paid. Decided to take the loss and move on.

Joined the downline builder Marketing Pond which has a list of paying ptr sites to join. The idea is to promote Marketing Pond to build a paying downline in multiple site using one URL for advertising.

My offline business has really taken off this year, which has been keeping me busy, but I will try to update more often.

Well I'm off to the bank to deposit the check from clixsense, you can find a link on Marketing Pond or go here, it's worth the $10.00 upgrade.

Still picking-up found change. So far I have found a total of $21.46, not bad if you ask me. That's more than some people make for an hours work.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Doubler update

Finished step 13 $20.00 - $40.00 .

Payout from Profit Network and Link Grand plus rebates from Big Crumbs plus found money and bottle deposits
brings me to $49.80 .

Which brings me to step 14 $40.00-$80.00 .
Currently have a cash on hand balance of $11.73 letting it set to draw interest while I research new investment

Signed up with GetRef to help build a downline and get refferels still to early to tell how it will workout as I am
still figuring out how it works exactly.

Signed-up with Donkey Mails thru GetRef it is a paid to read site, they send you e-mails and pay you to read
ads. To early to form an opionion yet.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Doubler Update

Completed step 12.

Now I am working on step13, $20 to $40.00.
Received original investment from Profit-Network re-invested profits.

Working to build referrals to ClixSense to increase payouts. I have made 3 times the cost of premium membership.
Expecting another payout for Nov. Joined GetRef to help increase downline, to early to tell how well it works.

Signed up at Big Crumbs they offer rebates on purchases from a list of online retailers. It's Free to join and offers a percentage of purchases made by those you refer.

Recently joined Yuwie. It's like Myspace only you get paid to update your profile, post to your blog, add a photo, refer a friend, someone clicks on your profile, clicks on one of your photos, reads your blog and more.

All money earned from these programs goes into my doubler fund, current balance $14.17.
Still collecting bottle deposits and found money, thats how it all started so why stop now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

doubler update

Completed step 12 of 28 steps to a million, $10- $20.
I now have $12.17 towards step 13, $20- $40.

Joined Clixsense spent the $10.00 to upgrade and have been paid more then the price to upgrade.

Joined LinkGrand free to join spent $4.40 to advertise which got me 3 referrals, been paid mroe then the cost of advertising and halfway to another payout.

Bought a position in Profits-Network set it up to compound 30% of earnings and have withdrawn over half of my original pay in.

Keeping my doubler funds in PayPal money market fund which pays over 5% on my idle funds.

Bought the e-book "Millionaire Mindset Workbook" great workbook to help you get focused
on what you need to do and it only cost $7. It also lets you make money by referring others.

If your an old fart like me who didn't grow-up with computers and what to learn how to keep
your computer running up to speed checkout PC Secert Formula it's only $9.97 I learned some tweaks that has my computer running like new again. Well worth the price I've paid more for less. The best part is it also lets you make money by referring others.

Well thats all for now, I'm off to see what new money making deals I can find got a lead on a couple home repairs. Thats my day job.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Step 12 update

Step 12 - $10.00 to $20.00
I am now at step 12 in my doubler program.
I spent $10.00 to upgrade ClixSense a paid to click ads program, it paid me $7.21 for June.
Joined LinkGrand , spent $4.40 to advertise referral link received 3 referrals, received
$5.00 payout to my PayPal account. Used $4.00 to buy a position in Profit-Network
a HYIP program paying 2.4% a day. Still collecting bottles and found change, current
balance in doubler fund $15.24.
Using PayPal merchant account to keep doubler funds, signed up for money market fund
currently paying 5.02% on any funds sitting in my account

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Important piece of the puzzle

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

doubling update

I now have $2.43 in my doubling fund from found money and bottle deposits.
Currently working on step 9 also trying to think of a way to speed up the process.
Any suggestions from other doublers are welcome.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

28step update

I hope everyone is enjoing the holidays.
My doubling fund is now up to .53 cents from bottle deposits.
Being self employed "without a real job" it's easy to come up with ideas the hard part is not touching the funds to buy gas, food and so on. Thats what happaned to my last attempt at doubling.
I am currently working on buying a rental property to provide a steady income along with investments that pay a dividend.
The trick is paying bills while building capital for investments, ie. managing cashflow. Finding short term investments to park my money for 1or 2 months till its needed to pay bills can be a fulltime job in itself.

Friday, December 08, 2006

just ask, doubling game update

Stopped to see a friend today, I noticed an empty coke bottle so I ask if he'd sell it to me for 3 cents. After I told him about starting with a penny and trying to double my way to a million, he told me I could have the bottle and to keep my pennies.

When I left he offered to save all his empties for me. With a 10 cent deposit on each bottle this could add up pretty quick.

I am now up to $.13 which is between steps 5 & 6. Only 22 steps to go.

It's amazing what you can get just by asking. If your getting the wrong answers, you might want to change the questions your asking.